2023 Marketing Trends You Don’t Want To Ignore

resolute pr team members discuss 2023 marketing trends

Was it just us, or did 2022 go by in a flash? All the sudden it’s 2023, and our industry is doing everything but slowing down. From authentic video content to virtual reality marketing (yes, we went there), here is a list of our 2023 marketing trends predictions. Short-form video   First, we predict seeing an increase…

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How to defuse social media attacks

how to manage social media attacks

Social media attacks can happen, but you hope it never happens to you or your business. While the majority of businesses and brands have embraced social media and online reputation management, there are many more sitting on the sidelines. By now, most businesses and marketers alike understand the benefits of social media marketing. Social media…

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Instagram Stories: Best Practices and Strategy Tips

posting an instagram story

Instagram Stories are a major way to increase engagement on your brand’s Instagram. When coming up with your next digital marketing plan, it is important to focus on engaging your current audience. However, you need to follow Instagram story best practices. You never want to post just to post. It’s easy to get caught up…

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5 keys to successful Instagram stories

Instagram stories only last 24 hours, and yet planning for them can feel endless. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all of the details that go into something so temporary. However, it doesn’t have to feel that way. As Resolute’s Instagram Story Connoisseur (patent pending), I am here to guide you through a list of…

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Childbirth in a castle

Missing the Boat on Social Media Engagement Missed opportunities on social media happen every day. The digital world moves fast, and when you have a popular brand, it’s tough to respond to every comment. However, I’m bringing this to your attention because I recently engaged with a brand with a particularly cool story and heard…

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