Wondering how you are going to increase engagement on Instagram? When coming up with your next social media marketing plan, it is important to focus on engaging your current audience. It’s easy to get caught up in the number of views and reach of your post, but what your customers do after seeing your post is more important.

Business owners use social media for two reasons, (1) to inform their customers and (2) build trust. Stories create the flexibility to achieve these goals quickly and effectively.

Instagram Stories let you take your audience from being passive followers to trusted relationships outside of the social media platform. Stories also allow you to give your audience a backstage pass into what is going on in your world. Through video check-ins during the day, followers feel like they get that valuable face-to-face interaction, which brings a sense of authenticity and trust to your brand. Instagram Stories pull your followers into your community.

When used correctly, Instagram Stories are a game-changer. However, if misused, they can become lost in the shuffle. Here are some tips to help captivate your audience:

  1. Consistency. Whether you post twice a week or 3 times a day, your followers want to know when they will hear from you next.
  2. Variability. Post different clips. This may be an introduction video about what a new employee in your office does, a promotion about a new product or special, or a Q&A about your product. Keep your audience on their toes.
  3. Document. Focus on sharing parts of your day that apply to your audience. An example would be documenting what is taking place at your event. Tell your audience what your employees and customers are doing.
  4. You vs. Y’all. Talk to your audience as if they are the only ones listening. Your followers are more likely to stay engaged if they feel like they are your friend at that moment.
  5. Selling to Serving. Focus on what you can do for your customer. The rest of the conversation will take place through direct messages, emails, or phone calls.
  6. Call to Action. Directly encourage your customer to engage. Tell them to click the link below, share your Instagram story or post, message you directly, or watch the link in your bio. Followers need encouragement!
  7. Be Mindful. When documenting or creating content, be careful not to overwhelm your audience. It looks different for everyone. To find your happy medium, pay attention to your numbers. This might mean that followers stop watching your Instagram Stories after 60 seconds or 4 minutes. If you see a drop off at 60 seconds, try to make your posts only 45 seconds long. You don’t want to lose your audience right before you make your big announcement.

There are so many ways to use Instagram Stories to your advantage! Don’t be afraid to try something new that will set you apart from the competition and draw your audience in.

Step up your marketing.

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