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Driven by determination, innovation and collaboration, Resolute works alongside HR Departments to implement bold and purposeful workforce recruitment campaigns.

Our team of experts delivers award-winning work across more than 20 industries. Our experience includes the government, nonprofit, transportation, retail, finance, entertainment and professional services industries. However, the approach is always the same. Our goal is to understand the client’s goals and build a custom plan that delivers.

Additionally, Resolute conducted a research study of over 500 participants to find out exactly why people stay - and leave - their jobs. Our analysis includes how companies can market their open positions and increase retention.

Needing to increase applications or trying to reach new audiences? We can help. Attract and retain a skilled workforce with the help of your PR and marketing firm.

  • Workforce recruitment campaigns
  • Internal branding & culture audits
  • Internal communications strategies
  • Leadership change management

Client success

increase employment applications

Finding applicants to fill positions has never been more difficult. Remote work opportunities, rising salaries and career changes are just a few of the challenges HR Departments face as you work double time trying to fill positions.

But where are the applicants? We are in a post-COVID world, and traditional means are no longer enough to find them.

Resolute can help complement those efforts with highly targeted digital advertising campaigns. Our work spans numerous states, industries and languages to recruit new employees for highly respected companies. In fact, one of our recent campaigns generated over 4,500 additional clicks to the client's jobs page in two months. Another reduced open positions by 16% in two months. Sound like a relief? We're ready to help.

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