Creative ways to generate buzz

Lacey Taylor discusses creative ways to generate buzz

From the desk of Vice President of Client Services Lacey Taylor  Confession: I’m not a traditional New Year’s Resolutions person. Goal-oriented? Yes. Ambitious? A resounding yes. However,  many people rush too quickly out of the much-needed holiday hibernation, both in their personal lives and in the marketing world.   So fast, that by the time…

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Be a 2024 marketing trendsetter

Some marketing trends last, like the use of short-term video. Some come back in style, like QR codes. And then, some fall to the wayside like an outdated meme. The mid-20s are here, and time is not slowing down. We put on your trendsetter hat and get ready to navigate the waves of our always…

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Marketing campaign measurement: A comprehensive guide

two women looking through marketing campaign measurement

Measuring marketing campaign effectiveness is crucial for more reasons than you may think. Sometimes (like knowing how much sugar is in your Starbucks coffee), ignorance is bliss. However, unlike the sugar content of our favorite drinks, marketing metrics shouldn’t be ignored. Typically, a lack of measurement leads to negative consequences. These range in missed opportunities…

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Community Partnerships: 4 Steps for Success

community partnerships

Thinking about community partnerships can be one of your most authentic and sustainable marketing strategies. How so? Because you are fostering mutually beneficial relationships that better your community. Rising tides raise all ships, right? It feels less like a sales transaction and more of a partnership. At Resolute, we call this “relationship capital.” It helps…

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6 steps to develop your best marketing campaign plan yet

two women discuss a marketing campaign plan

October has arrived and the leaves are changing. However, that doesn’t mean we want any marketing momentum to cool off. Believe it or not, now’s the time to start developing innovative marketing campaign plan ideas for 2024.   Creating a marketing campaign plan can be a hauntingly scary task. There’s no one-size-fits-all campaign plan. The planning…

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Public Relations is NOT ‘Spin’

news magazines and strategic plans stacked up on a desk

Although it doesn’t happen as often as it used to, people do use the dreadful term “spin” when referring to public relations. It’s not as shocking as it used to be, though it can still make PR professionals’ blood boil. Another day, another mischaracterization of public relations. Any time “spin” is brought up in conversation,…

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The public relations vs. marketing debate

a team meeting about marketing strategy

The age old question of public relations vs. marketing may become irrelevant as our industry evolves. Traditionally, public relations is managing how the public sees and feels about a brand or company. Simply put, PR focuses on maintaining a positive reputation through press releases, media interviews and other pitches. On the other hand, marketing is…

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2023 Marketing Trends You Don’t Want To Ignore

resolute pr team members discuss 2023 marketing trends

Was it just us, or did 2022 go by in a flash? All the sudden it’s 2023, and our industry is doing everything but slowing down. From authentic video content to virtual reality marketing (yes, we went there), here is a list of our 2023 marketing trends predictions. Short-form video   First, we predict seeing an increase…

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How to defuse social media attacks

how to manage social media attacks

Social media attacks can happen, but you hope it never happens to you or your business. While the majority of businesses and brands have embraced social media and online reputation management, there are many more sitting on the sidelines. By now, most businesses and marketers alike understand the benefits of social media marketing. Social media…

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Playing Offense: How Managers Can Fight for Their Employees

resolute ceo nicole morgan discussing added benefits with an employee

If your company or department has experienced turnover in light of the Great Resignation, you’re not likely to see a reprieve any time soon. Recent studies show an estimated 40% of employees are thinking of quitting their jobs. Maybe the isolation of COVID led to a lot of soul searching. Like many of the clients…

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