Be a 2024 marketing trendsetter

Some marketing trends last, like the use of short-term video. Some come back in style, like QR codes. And then, some fall to the wayside like an outdated meme.

The mid-20s are here, and time is not slowing down. We put on your trendsetter hat and get ready to navigate the waves of our always changing industry. So, what’s up for 2024? Let’s dive in together.

Branding and bold design

We love (and I mean LOVE) data-driven marketing. However, we predict that focusing on branding and brand awareness will bring the most success to businesses this year. Conversion-based marketing will always be high-value, but focusing on things like community partnerships and incorporating bold design will help you stand out.

A consistent brand presence means regularly posting content on your website and social media channels, sending newsletters, engaging with influencers if it fits in your marketing plan and ensuring all marketing collateral is branded.

Additionally, sponsoring or participating in events that align with your brand values will boost your awareness. Get your brand in front of a diverse target audience by creating an unconventional public display, like street art installations or an eye-catching mural. Or, take your ribbon cutting to the next level with, say, biodegradable confetti cannons.

Social media search

Usage of social media as a search engine is nothing new. With an introduction into AI, search engine behavior is changing by the minute. However, we’ll be seeing an uptick of people using social media platforms to discover information instead a more tradition way, such as Google Search.

On average, people spend an average of 65 minutes a day scrolling on social media. People spend about eight hours a week on social media to connect with loved ones, do research and learn about brands and businesses. More people are using social media to review products, plan vacations, learn education options and shop.

Say you’re a senior in high school debating between two colleges to spend your next four (or more) years. If you’re wanting to get a sense of college life, you probably aren’t looking at their website. You’re on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, searching for content and videos to see which is portraying the college experience you want.

Of Americans active on TikTok, 40% use it as a search engine. If your industry relates to recipes, music, fashion, beauty, DIY, mental or physical wellbeing, you should consider a business TikTok account and strategy.

Investing in short, informative videos that tell a story or solve a problem could go a long way for your business. Being transparent is key here. Users won’t stop from calling businesses out for untrue or misleading advice or information. You should never intentionally lead people astray.

Google Search isn’t going anywhere. It will remain a dominate and widely used tool for information and discovery. To keep up, Google is releasing its Search Generative Experience (SGE).

Retention as a marketing tactic

Retention marketing is the mix of strategies and tactics to help keep employees engaged, reduce turnover, and promote positive work culture. Out are the days of the hustle-first mentality. In with retention tactics that employees actually care about.

Also in 2024, we’ll see more businesses tapping into their employees as influencers to help build trust. By sharing real employee stories, you begin to not only gain consumer trust, but you’re also marketing your business to potential employees. If your employee doesn’t support your business, then you know you have a problem.

In our recent workforce marketing study, we researched why employers may be seeing a decline in job applications. We discovered barriers that are keeping jobs from being filled, why people may not actively seek employment and what your company can do to become a top marketable employer. Investing in your workforce and keeping up-to-date on workforce trends can position your business as an employer of choice.

Changing news landscape

If you missed it, we no longer have the news media as we once knew it. What does this mean to you? It means it is more difficult than ever to get coverage. 

We talk to clients each day that say, “The newspaper used to report…” and “This is a front-page story…” However, this is an outdated mindset in today’s digital world. According to pew research, less than 9% of adults in the U.S. get their news regularly from print publications. That has been replaced by 56% who get their news from social media.

It’s time for a new strategy. In 2024, think of creative, highly customized pitches and angles that appeal to a specific reporter and their viewership. Lastly, be friendly. Reporters work hard, so be sure to be grateful. Relationship building is key in our industry.

Our marketing world is dynamic. Stay ahead of the curve to avoid getting left in the dust. From bold design and purposeful marketing to social media and employer branding, this year is actively shaping up to be a great one. Understanding the evolving media landscape will only set you ahead of the curve.

These trends can shape the way we brand, advertise and even consume information. We’re excited for a journey through 2024 and the ever-evolving marketing landscape. Who’s ready to refresh their marketing? Let’s get to work.