TikTok Marketing: What You Need to Know

In 2021, video-sharing app TikTok had approximately 86.9 million users in the United States alone. This figure is projected to increase by around eight percent every year. The app’s growth is unprecedented, exemplified by its projection to increase 8% every year, reaching 94 million users in 2022. Millions of engaged users sharing user-generated content means over a million opportunities to promote your brand with TikTok marketing.

So, what does this mean for your company? Should you create a TikTok marketing strategy? If so, how do you do it?

How To Market Your Brand on TikTok 

As with any social media platform, there are several ways to ensure potential customers see and recognize your brand content. If you are active on the platform yourself, you have most likely seen sponsored posts and in-feed TikTok ads. However, the key is to serve original, engaging content that will stand above the fray.

TikTok video marketing can help your business by increasing brand awareness, building engaged communities, and selling to your target audience.

TikTok Marketing Strategies 

There are three basic types of TikTok marketing:  

  • Influencer marketing, which is paying a high-profile creator to share information about your product. 
  • Organic content creation to post to your own feed. 
  • Paid advertising to promote your videos to your chosen target audience. 

Some of TikTok’s paid advertising options can be costly, such as branded hashtag challenges and unskippable front-page ads. However, they do have options for in-feed ads that can work for a lot of brands. There are two categories for these in-feed ads. First, you can upload video ads through your brand’s TikTok Business account.

Second, you can put money behind “Spark Ads,” which allow you to boost existing organic content. TikTok research shows that Spark Ads have a 24% higher completion rate and a 142% higher engagement rate than standard In-Feed ads. These may make more sense for you if your brand is already active on TikTok.

Does TikTok Marketing Make Sense for Your Brand? 

The main question to ask when it comes to TikTok marketing is “does TikTok fit into our digital marketing strategy?” TikTok advertising is an innovative marketing tactic. However it’s only worth putting resources toward if if it can help reach your goals.

Nearly half (43%) of TikTok’s advertising audience are 18-24 years old. Women in that age category make up nearly a quarter (24.7%) of TikTok’s advertising audience. Does your target audience and TikTok user demographics overlap?

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