What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are growing in both popularity and increased ability to persuade their followers. And they also are a powerful resource for both social media reach and overall marketing campaigns.

Account manager Cristen Burdell helps several of Resolute PR’s clients leverage influencers to increase awareness of their brands, events or services. Keep reading to learn more about how influencers could help you with your marketing goals.

Influencers establish authentic content.

Influencers offer a sense of authenticity to brands by showing viewers a “real” experience. People like to see recognizable faces using a product or having a great experience. This is often more engaging than seeing a model they may not relate to. It elevates the overall trust of the experience.

They help create new audiences.

Influencers can open doors to a new audience. For example, we have several clients looking to expand their audiences to a younger demographic. With their current followers and marketing, they’re reaching the same audience they’ve always reached. By bringing in influencers, we open the opportunity to not only showcase a certain demographic using our client’s services but also the influencer is showcasing their audience while widening our network.

Leveraging influencers starts with good, authentic matches.

When bringing in influencers, my role is to research and communicate with potential matches for a campaign. For example, one of our clients has several upcoming concerts, and we want to make sure that the influencer is a fan of the band or artist so we can capture them genuinely enjoying themselves (instead of someone who might just say “yes” to free concert tickets and not really do their best to promote their excitement).

My role is to get to know influencers and their likes and dislikes so I can offer the campaigns accordingly. In Tulsa, our influencer network is pretty tight knit, so getting to know and build great relationships with even a few influencers can lead to other opportunities within their networks. Influencer marketing works because it connects with consumers where they are. The rise in digital consumption continues to grow, especially because of the pandemic. We spend so much more time on social media than ever before, thus we spend so much more time getting to know products and people via this outlet. This is incredibly helpful in “top of mind” marketing, as we often ask influencers to run a “campaign” (meaning they speak to the value of the product/service several times through stories/posts) to ensure that are keeping the product/service appearing in their followers’ feeds.

Influencers are more budget-friendly than you might expect.

Influencers also can be an incredibly cost-effective option for our clients. Often, many are willing to work for trades, exposure to new followers and/or lower dollar amounts.

To dive into influencer marketing, talk to your account manager or contact us.