Public relations vs. marketing: Who cares? Go to bed.

The Benefits of a Full Service Marketing Agency

Maybe you’re a small business, startup or nonprofit agency. Your team is small but mighty, wearing different hats throughout the day. Your project manager is the IT guy, your HR manager doubles as the receptionist and your intern is taking sales calls. You’re not sure what public relations vs. marketing is, but it doesn’t matter anyway because you can’t afford to hire someone full time. It’s OK. You’ve got this for now. You read. You research. You stay up late to get that newsletter out or write a press release at two in the morning. The success isn’t overwhelming, but it’s good enough.

However, deep down you have this nagging feeling you could be doing more.

You know it isn’t your skill set and yet, you’ve taken it this far. What could an expert do for your business? Or the bigger question – who is the expert? Do you talk to a graphic designer about your brand? Give that advertising rep who’s been calling a chance? Hire a PR agency? Talk to someone about marketing? You don’t have the bandwidth to manage them all.

By working with a full service marketing agency, you don’t have to.

One and the Same

This is a scenario we see all too often when talking to small businesses and organizations. Some try to separate out public relations vs. marketing, but the reality is in today’s world, they are one and the same. Think about it this way:

  • You get a story in the Tulsa World, or another area publication (public relations)
  • That story runs on with a link to your website (inbound marketing)
  • You share the story on your Facebook page (social media marketing)
  • The feedback from potential clients who saw the article is positive, so you spend some money to boost the post (advertising)
  • People start checking out your website and end up getting a strong sense of who you are and what you provide, which leads them to fill out a contact form for more information (branding, lead generation)

Public Relations vs. Marketing is Irrelevant

I could continue down this pipeline, but you get the idea. The age old question of public relations vs. marketing is becoming irrelevant as the many ways in which we engage with organizations continue to converge. For me, this is all I know. I’ve worked with companies for over 10 years that couldn’t afford to hire a graphic designer AND an advertising agency AND a web developer AND a PR person. In turn, those who could afford it, quite frankly, didn’t have the patience for it. They wanted one person who understood how it all worked together and could be trusted to handle it.

A Lack of Patience and Budget Conscious

Many of our clients are the decision makers. They want to know what’s happening, if it’s working or not, and what we’re doing to pivot our strategy, but we can only do that when we know the full picture. The result is we’re able to handle everything – from picking the right designer for the job, to ensuring the end product speaks to the overall messaging of the organization, to making sure the client isn’t wasting dollars on something that isn’t going to yield results.

Here’s the honest truth: there are convincing sales people out there who have the ability to persuade you to spend money on a bad idea. (For more on this, read our blog about how to avoid burning through your marketing dollars.)  When you don’t know the difference between public relations vs. marketing vs. advertising vs. smoke and mirrors, you’re susceptible to a bad business decision.

We treat your money like it’s our own. We know the blood, sweat and tears you put into earning it, therefore we don’t take the time spent or the recommendations given lightly. So stop worrying through all hours of the night about what the right answer is and go to bed.  We’re here to help you figure out the right mix to take things to the next level.