How Colorful is the Advertising Industry?

PR, marketing and advertising are some of the largest industries in the creative workforce. We should be seen as a mix of innovative and diverse ideas, people and productions. The truth is, the industry still has a long way to go when it comes to adding diversity throughout its ranks.

While racially insensitive ads, female stereotyping, and lack of inclusivity have reduced in some ways, the reality is they continue to exist. Many ads try to appeal to common stereotypes, including portraying women as only capable as homemakers or the weaker sex. While these ads may seem less direct, it’s not uncommon for brands to clearly cross the line.

In a recent example, H&M came under fire for having an African American boy model a shirt on its website that referenced monkeys. While the company did not see a problem at the time it launched, the public was quick to vocalize that the ad was racist. It’s these types of oversights and lack of awareness that cannot exist in our industry. Yet they are all too common when a lack of diversity exists at the table.

Diversity is financially profitable as well. Adobe reports that American consumers, 61% in fact, believe that diversity in advertising is extremely important. 38% percent are more likely to trust brands that have ads with diversity. Research has also shown a strong link between creativity and inclusivity, so more color in the advertising industry will lead to more creative ideas.

Our industry has a long way to go – Resolute included. We are committed to doing our part to be a part of the conversation and supporting the change that is desperately needed.