A Message from the CEO

Black lives matter.

Many members of our team have made personal statements over the last two months in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, but as the CEO, I feel it is important to let you know where we stand as a company. In an industry that is centered around words – thoughtful, meaningful and authentic words – I’ve found it difficult to find the right ones. The reality is, they don’t exist in a world where bigotry and hate has permeated our culture for centuries, and this letter will fall short.

Part of our job as a public relations firm is to ensure the right voices are heard at the table. We recognize there is always an opportunity to do better and to do more. There is power in diversity, and for far too long, society has fallen short. Systemic racism is real. White privilege is real. Inequity is real. And we want to part of the solution.

The road ahead is long, but it’s important to us that our black colleagues, friends and community members know that we hear you. We see you. And we stand by you.