Navigating the Changing Workforce

a man works on his computer at home

Things change, and workplace “norms” are no exception. Companies are scrambling to navigate the changing workforce, especially to successfully attract and retain employees. What was once strictly an HR function has evolved into a marketing issue. Long gone are the days of working a single job for one company for your entire career, and organizations…

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Unraveling the Mystery Behind Declining Job Applications 

a woman on her computer looking to find a job

Why aren’t people applying for jobs?   In the wake of quiet (or not so quiet) quitting and endless “now hiring” signs, employers are looking to get to the root of today’s hiring crisis. If your company continues to have job vacancies you’re trying to fill – you aren’t alone. It’s no secret that over the…

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Search Generative Experience: The future of Google Search

two women look up information using google search generative experience

What is Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE)?   Google’s newest experiment in AI is called Search Generative Experience. If you’re a user of Google Search (who’s not these days) then it’s time to pay attention. Your search interface is changing.   Like the rest of us, you’re probably wondering what in the world that means and if…

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Build Customer Relationships Through Digital Channels

four women sit at a table to discuss how to build customer relationships

Two of the most powerful ways to generate repeat business is to build customer relationships and establish brand loyalty – especially in an environment where customer service is lagging. In fact, a recent study from Zen Desk reports that 47% of respondents in North America feel that customer service is “an afterthought for most of…

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The Rapid Rise of Threads: Twitter’s biggest threat

a person using a smartphone to look at the Threads app

Meta’s new Threads app is making waves. We can never have enough social media, and we love learning how to use a new platform, right? Riiiight… But Threads’ rapid popularity means it might be a social network here to stay. In fact, 100 million people signed up for a Threads account in just five days.…

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A media relations guide: What it is and how it works

media relations TV interview with Osage Casinos

Defining media relations is simple. However, it’s harder than it sounds to maintain. At its core, media relations is developing and keeping relationships with the media. In the past, this meant just newspaper and television reporters. Today, it also includes podcasters, bloggers and even social media influencers.  Maintaining a relationship with members of the media…

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Marketing Funnel: 5 Important Stages

two women meet to discuss a marketing funnel strategy

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard of a marketing funnel. Don’t worry if you haven’t, we aren’t taking notes.   However, if you’ve ever talked to a marketer about strategy, read marketing blogs or taken a marketing course in school, chances are you’ve heard the term thrown around.   The marketing funnel, also known as the…

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The Evolution of Search Engine Behavior and Use 

a computer open to analytics explaining search engine behavior

Search engine behavior has evolved with search technologies. From digging through shelves at the library to the first online search engine, Archie, released in 1990, to the birth of Google in 1998, the way we find relevant information is changing rapidly. Throughout the years, one thing has stayed true. You won’t get far without writing and…

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Resolute Named A Top 100 Growing Company

CEO Nicole Morgan accepts the Cowboy100 award

Oklahoma State University (OSU) recognized the fastest-growing and top 10 revenue-generating businesses owned and led by alumni at its 2023 Cowboy100 Honoree Gala. The second class of Cowboy100 honorees included 95 businesses from 20 states and 15 foreign countries.   Among the Cowboy100 honorees, Resolute earned the #41 spot on the list of rapidly growing companies.…

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