What Is A Target Audience and How To Find Yours

Resolute team members review research on target audiences

With texts, emails and social media constantly at our fingertips, today’s consumers are buzzing with connection. In the midst of this frenzy, businesses are seeking to communicate directly with their target audience.  As marketing and PR professionals, it’s our job to break through the noise to make a lasting, meaningful connection. To make an impact,…

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The Importance of Creative

importance of creative

You’ve heard the expression ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ or ‘You can never tell a book by its cover.’  No matter the phrasing, it holds true in today’s world. And it relates to the importance of creative.  From ads and memes to reels and podcasts, we are flooded with shiny, attention-grabbing designs everyday. The…

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GA4: The Future of Google Analytics

Resolute PR presents a Google Analytics report

Change can be hard. One of the most significant changes in our marketing world is the introduction of Google Analytics 4, otherwise known as GA4. As marketers, we must be adaptable and willing to make changes for the good of our clients, brands and/or businesses. This means keeping up with trends, even if it feels…

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Market Research: Know your customers

CEO Nicole Morgan talks about the importance of market research.

What is market research? Market research is the process of analyzing, interpreting and gathering information about a product, market or service. There are so many reasons why market research is important. This valuable step in the public relations and marketing process can lead to increased sales and conversions. Research helps you become aware and equipped…

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TikTok Marketing: What You Need to Know

TikTok home screen

Video-sharing app TikTok reached 1 billion monthly active users in September 2021. The app’s growth is unprecedented, exemplified by its projection to hit another milestone of 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022. Over a billion engaged users means over a billion opportunities to promote your brand with TikTok marketing. So, what does this…

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Your LinkedIn Profile Probably Features These 5 Mistakes


Want to stand out in a crowded online-networking field? Make this handful of quick corrections to your Linked In profile now. By Josh Steimle January 4, 2022 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. A dazzling LinkedIn account is an invaluable asset for professionals and almost necessary for networking purposes. The website currently hosts nearly 740 million accounts, and…

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2022 Marketing Trends

marketing trends

We know we don’t have to remind you of the whirlwind that was 2020 and 2021. The past two years for Resolute have been filled with changes, adaptability and growth. With the new year upon us, we’re looking forward to tackling (what we predict will be) the latest marketing trends for 2022. Voice Search and…

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Video Marketing Strategy: The Ultimate Guide

Like just about everything in the PR and marketing field, the capabilities of video content have evolved dramatically with the advent of digital marketing.  When I first began my career, video was a one-way stream of communication. Produce 30 seconds, and place it on TV with a competitive media buy. At the end of the campaign,…

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A New World Of Marketing Unfolds On Instagram


In an Instagram marketing environment that often takes on the trappings of sameness, where do influencers fit in? How is their value evolving? And how should marketing investments for Instagram be planned to maximize ROI? I recently asked Justin Kline, CEO of Markerly, an influencer marketing software platform, to share his perspectives on Instagram marketing.…

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What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are growing in both popularity and increased ability to persuade their followers. And they also are a powerful resource for both social media reach and overall marketing campaigns. Account manager Cristen Burdell helps several of Resolute PR’s clients leverage influencers to increase awareness of their brands, events or services. Keep reading to learn more…

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