Instagram Stories: Best Practices and Strategy Tips

posting an instagram story

Instagram Stories are a major way to increase engagement on your brand’s Instagram. When coming up with your next digital marketing plan, it is important to focus on engaging your current audience. However, you need to follow Instagram story best practices. You never want to post just to post. It’s easy to get caught up…

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How to develop a digital marketing strategy

digital marketing

Year after year, the importance of an updated digital marketing strategy increases. For that reason, we see digital media taking a more central role in brands’ and businesses’ ability to build brand awareness, engage with their communities and stay on top of PR and marketing trends. What is a digital marketing strategy and who needs…

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Four Key Benefits of Video Content

As the world transitioned face-to-face communication to digital and virtual platforms, video conferencing services and videos have become the norm. Video will continue to be increasingly important as we end this year and ramp up again in 2021, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The visual form of media can be extremely valuable and…

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Top 2021 PR and Marketing Trends

Brace yourself when I tell you this: 2020 is almost over. If you are waiting for the “new normal,” we’re in it, and it’s time to begin setting priorities and budgets. As you look ahead to the new year, we rounded up the top 2021 PR and marketing trends. But with the uncertainty of the…

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Childbirth in a castle

Missing the Boat on Social Media Engagement Missed opportunities on social media happen every day. The digital world moves fast, and when you have a popular brand, it’s tough to respond to every comment. However, I’m bringing this to your attention because I recently engaged with a brand with a particularly cool story and heard…

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