Community Partnerships: 4 Steps for Success

community partnerships

Thinking about community partnerships can be one of your most authentic and sustainable marketing strategies. How so? Because you are fostering mutually beneficial relationships that better your community. Rising tides raise all ships, right? It feels less like a sales transaction and more of a partnership. At Resolute, we call this “relationship capital.” It helps…

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6 steps to develop your best marketing campaign plan yet

two women discuss a marketing campaign plan

October has arrived and the leaves are changing. However, that doesn’t mean we want any marketing momentum to cool off. Believe it or not, now’s the time to start developing innovative marketing campaign plan ideas for 2024.   Creating a marketing campaign plan can be a hauntingly scary task. There’s no one-size-fits-all campaign plan. The planning…

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The public relations vs. marketing debate

a team meeting about marketing strategy

The age old question of public relations vs. marketing may become irrelevant as our industry evolves. Traditionally, public relations is managing how the public sees and feels about a brand or company. Simply put, PR focuses on maintaining a positive reputation through press releases, media interviews and other pitches. On the other hand, marketing is…

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The Delivery is Different, but Content is Still King

As someone with both education and experience in journalism, it has been fascinating to watch the world of media consumption change so drastically, dramatically and quickly as it has in the last decade. We’ve gone from long-form editorial essays published with actual ink, printed on actual paper and delivered to actual doorsteps to sending out…

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