Oklahoma Workforce Study


This free workforce analysis is a valued resource to marketers, business owners and HR personnel. Learn why our workforce is changing, and strategies and solutions for recruitment and retention.

New research uncovers insights into a changing workforce.

Resolute spearheaded research addressing how companies can better market to both potential and current employees. We know employees accept their job positions for a reason. The results of this study show us why people stay - or leave - their jobs.

This study surveyed employed and unemployed workers primarily in the retail, hospitality, construction and healthcare industries. We investigated:

  • Which benefits are the most important (such as PTO and other perks)?
  • What elements of a job do people find the most important?
  • Why would people not accept a new job offer?
  • What keywords in a job description would make job seekers want to apply?
  • What factors influence someone's ability to work?

Download the study results and learn how to recruit and retain a talented workforce. The results may surprise you.