Nicole Morgan, APR

Nicole Morgan is the CEO of Resolute PR, a full-service public relations and marketing agency delivering bold workforce marketing strategies. Centered on research, innovation and brand-driven ROI, her award-winning team of experts delivers proactive, pioneering ideas that result in stronger workforce culture, attraction and retention.

As companies continue to face workforce shortages and turnover in the manufacturing, healthcare and construction fields, Nicole and her team have pioneered a formula that applies PR and marketing principals to solving today's hiring and retention issues. Resolute PR works alongside c-suite executives and HR Directors to evaluate employee culture, company branding, recruitment funnels and internal communications to lead to greater employee and candidate engagement. Clients have seen tremendous success, with one construction company recently garnering 4,500 leads for open positions.

To stay on the forefront of this rapidly evolving crisis, Resolute has completed a workforce research study to unveil what matters most to employees in today's environment, where they're looking for jobs and how companies can retain top talent in a highly competitive environment.

With her extensive work and experience, Nicole truly brings a unique, integrated perspective to meeting today's business and organizational challenges. With her insights, Nicole is primed to be a guiding voice for CEOs, COOs, and HR executives on podcasts, helping them bridge the gap between recruitment and marketing, and ultimately, fostering employee engagement and retention. By leveraging her seasoned expertise, Nicole empowers listeners to navigate the evolving landscape of workforce recruitment, amplifying their message and driving meaningful change within their organizations. She can't wait to help your listeners make their message heard by the right people!

Resolute is a Women's Business Enterprise and SBA Women-Owned Small Business through the Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation's largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women in the U.S.


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