Becoming Resolute: Finding our purpose

The evolution of a full service marketing and PR firm

I’m coming up on the anniversary of a watershed moment in my life. It’s a story for another day, really. The short of it is, I ultimately found myself in an airport far from home knowing I had to make a decision. I could try to find a job to support my family and hope it was fulfilling, or I could do the only thing I knew how – create it myself. Was it logical? Yes and no. However, in my gut, I knew it was what I had to do to survive.

I came home from that airport and stood at square one, not knowing what lay ahead and pouring all of my faith and resources into this thing I’d created called, “Resolute.” It felt like those first months of having a baby. I was up all night, tired, excited, constantly seeking advice and in my darkest moments, filled with doubt.

However, while I may have lacked confidence in my ability to build a business, I never doubted my ability to do good work. I came into this with over a decade of experience doing everything from launching startups to helping national companies promote events with more than 50,000 attendees. My safety net was a supportive family and the best wingman anyone could ever have asked for, Ally Lightle. She was (and still is) the perfect complement to my strengths and weaknesses. And so we trucked along, focusing on what we did best – getting to know our clients, understanding their goals and recommending marketing and public relations strategy that would most effectively move the needle.

The answer wasn’t always the same. Sometimes a client needed to better communicate their services to prospects, so we developed content and design for sales materials. Sometimes a client wasn’t even on the radar, so we got them in touch with the right reporters who could help tell their stories. Sometimes a client needed to connect with their target audiences in an authentic way, so we helped them develop a voice and niche through social media. And sometimes clients were completely lost when people tried to find them online, so we helped optimize their website through relevant content and SEO.

And while we were keeping our noses to the ground and doing good work, we grew. A lot. In fact, just this month, we brought on our 5th and 6th employees, Bayli and Lacey. Bayli, a recent graduate of Oklahoma State University, will support our team with content writing and social media management. Lacey, who lends her expertise to numerous non-profit boards and committees, will lead graphic design, events and community engagement-focused projects.

Our growth has allowed us to organically meet the needs of the evolving market with the best people in the business. As a team, we operate as a valuable partner to our clients offering services such as:

  • Creating brand awareness
    • We marry public relations and marketing strategy with top-notch graphic design, implementing projects from logos to signage to sales materials to websites.
    • We generate coverage of newsworthy stories in local, regional and national media outlets such as Tulsa World, local televisions stations and Forbes.
    • We organize everything from small events to large fundraisers.
    • We negotiate aggressive media buys so clients don’t waste their dollars on advertising that doesn’t work.
  • Leading authentic conversation
    • We help clients be a part of the online conversation by providing social media strategy and implementation.
    • We listen to what problems people want to solve and help our clients be seen as an answer.
  • Connecting with potential leads
    • We connect clients with potential clients and customers through inbound marketing and SEO.
    • We write content people want to read – from blogs to brochures to websites.

The Complete Package

Maybe traditionally you’ve hired different people to do each of those jobs. My experience is that’s ultimately going to lead to a disjointed product. With Resolute at the helm, our clients can trust that everything from the voice to the look to the execution will be consistent because we’re approaching it with the client’s goal in mind.

I believe it’s that very commitment to our clients’ goals, dedication to being purposeful in our recommendations, and underlying conviction to doing what’s right that got us here. Public relations isn’t just about how many hits we can get in the Tulsa World. And marketing isn’t about how many times your phone rang. At the end of the day, it’s about telling your story and connecting you with the right people.

So how can we help you? We’re listening.