Brochures, flyers, one-pagers and other marketing materials can all be used as effective methods to drive home your brand and services when engaging with a potential client.

Sales materials and marketing pieces have a variety of uses, such as trade shows, networking events and potential client meetings. The goal is to have a “take away” to assist in further emphasizing your elevator pitch. By handing off a visually appealing piece with content that reflects who you are, what you do and why your product or service is needed, you will be remembered by your target audience.

If you’re like most organizations, your sales cycle doesn’t close instantaneously. The process of educating and informing goes well beyond your initial meeting. When designed effectively, sales pieces reinforce your brand and give your company a sense of identity. And when backed by a striking and thoughtful design, potential clients are less likely to toss them in the trash. Pieces that visually sell your company will last in the minds of your target audience and push them to take the next step.

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