Advertising can take many forms – from traditional broadcast to highly targeted digital advertising. As a Tulsa advertising agency, we often recommend advertising in situations where clients need to control the timing and the exact wording of their messages.

Fly Tulsa Ad Campaign

Targeted placement with your goal in mind

Resolute’s media buying team begins by working with clients to develop a strategy for paid placement that reflects the overall goals of the campaign. There is a science behind placing advertising. You must purchase the right media outlets, times, sizes and duration and couple this thoughtful buying strategy with engaging creative. In addition, our team monitors placements closely to ensure you get what you paid for. Add a measurable call to action, and you will be able to track the results of the dollars you spend.

Buying advertising can be overwhelming. Note that working with a Tulsa advertising agency allows you to expand your buying power while tapping into our knowledge of the media market, ratings and changes. Most media outlets provide an agency discount, meaning engaging a Tulsa advertising agency is no additional cost to you.

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