My PR Internship Experience

By: Karoline Newell

When Resolute hired me as an intern, I expected, like any other PR firm, to be thrown into the fast-paced hustle of agency work. I quickly learned that Resolute was not like any other PR firm and has a distinctive flair. Coupled with traditional PR and marketing work, Resolute aims to work hard and empower women with a sense of innovative elegance. The combination of professional excellence and friendship creates a unique environment. Resolute has cultivated a fierce team of tenacious, resourceful, intelligent, compassionate, and genuinely fun women.

I joined at a time of booming growth for the company. Since January, I’ve seen Resolute move from a temporary office to a completely new space, customized to the agency’s unique personality. My afternoons at work are now spent in our new space sipping coffee (thanks to our neighbors, Topeca!) while perched in my favorite spot in the window seat. Working in such a modern co-working space was a new experience that I loved. As a huge people person, the co-working space allowed me to watch as the team expanded, developed, and tackled growing pains. Although it was tough to know when to jump in on a project, the collaborative nature of the team cultivated the confidence to share my ideas and skills.

Teamwork truly makes the dream work at Resolute. As an intern, I was included in the team’s Strengths Finder training. While the team learned about their diverse networks of strengths, I had the opportunity to learn about myself and my talents through this assessment. Learning more about myself allowed me to be a more effective team member as well as apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to my workplace. With a degree in organizational studies, a certificate in negotiation and leadership management, and a minor in advertising from The University of Tulsa, I’ve spent a lot of time studying books on organizational culture, attending communication lectures, and completing marketing group projects. Interning with Resolute has brought me out of academia and into a diverse, changing industry. I’ve learned to make key connections, take initiative, and utilize my strengths in distinctive situations.

Among my internship projects, I’ve loved working directly with clients, especially ImpactTulsa. I’m at my best when I am working on something that I’m passionate about. Engaging my writing skills to promote an organization that does such important work for our community was definitely rewarding. One of my favorite ImpactTulsa projects was writing an article about FAFSA that actually ran on the KJRH website!

Tulsa Port of Catoosa has been a special client to work with because my first ever internship was with the Port of Muskogee. Between helping with the Port’s new website launch, press conferences, social media strategy, and putting together Tulsa themed gift baskets (see below), my internship experiences came full circle while working on these projects.

My Resolute experience brought a lot of firsts. I had my first experience working with an entrepreneurial company as well as up-close exposure to the business savvy and expertise required to grow a business. This entrepreneurial style was also my first exposure to an organizational culture centered on collaboration, innovation, and teamwork. I also had the pleasure of working with and learning from an all-female team. The Resolute team affirmed that empowered women empower women, especially in the workplace. The confidence and mentorship of the Resolute team helped me reach yet another first- my first publication of my work by a news outlet! Now, as I finish my internship at Resolute and begin my first full-time job, I know this team has left me with friendships, skills, and experience that will fuel my future success.

To the next Resolute intern, I encourage you to jump into all this team has to offer. Forge friendships, share your ideas, find a mentor, and explore your talents. Resolute PR is a place to learn, grow, and have fun.