Give me the simple life…and pass the cookie butter

This summer, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about our gardens. We compared stories about the day we nestled our seeds into their pods, the recipes we had planned, the glory of putting those first plants in the ground, the money we’d save on groceries, and oh – maybe Ally could get chickens and I could start a bee farm? Did we know someone with a cow so we could make our own fresh cheese? This was the American dream! Back to the basics! Hanging the laundry on the clothes line, trying out that Pinterest recipe for homemade laundry detergent, living off the land!!
But as exciting as that first crop of fresh lettuce was, nothing was quite as exciting as learning Trader Joes was going in just a few miles from the office. I like cookies. I like butter. Cookie butter?? Mind blown.
So maybe THAT was the dream. A taste of the simple life washed down with a taste of cookie butter.
Sometimes I dream about a time before email, cell phones and 700 television channels. It seems impossible to unplug these days. We walk around with tiny computers (iPhones) in our hands, our lives are chronicled on social media and the answer to any question is just a few clicks away. Do you ever wish you could go back to a simpler time? But what would you really give up? Here’s my list of top 8 things I have a love/hate relationship with:
Apps. Anything that makes life easier, I’m all about. Apps can help you eat healthier, pick out your clothes and make purchasing faster. But a digital house plant I have to worry about watering every day? No, thank you.
New social media channels. This one I’ll probably take back as soon as you read this. But every time a new platform comes out, I think “why?!?” And then I create an account and get sucked in. I can’t help it. It’s what I do.
Email marketing. I signed up to be on the mailing list for a certain clothing company so I could get a 20% discount off my first item. I now get an email almost every day with sales. How do you say no to these??
  • “The shoes you want (and need)”
  • “Now up to 70% off!”
  • “100 tops under $10!”
I know what you’re thinking. Just unsubscribe from the email. Nope. Because every time I try, I get this one:
  • “Shop our sale and get free shipping!”
Hook. Line. And Sinker.
Live streaming. This is a perfect example of technology catering to you. Want that Puerto Rican meal to feel authentic with a little salsa music? There’s a station for that. Need a playlist to get you ready for vacation? Create one. But what happens when you run out of battery or reception? Constant scanning of the car radio and fingers crossed you’ll find that N’Sync song you were hoping to hear.
Chargers. Speaking of running out of batteries, chargers are great. You can plug them in the wall, your car, your TV, but what happens when you go on vacation and forget to bring one? Major buzz kill.
Cable television. There’s a channel for everything. My kids can watch endless hours of “Paw Patrol,” I can stay current with all the latest drama on “Real Housewives,” while my husband watches a documentary on Bigfoot. Here’s the problem. I can only watch so much Disney, my kids shouldn’t watch Housewives, and there’s no way on earth that TV is changing until it’s been proven Bigfoot is real. My answer is let’s shut it all down and get some ice cream.
The need to multitask. As much as we admire multitaskers, studies are showing it may actually be damaging our brains. It’s one thing to multitask in the office, but the truth is, for many of us, it doesn’t stop there. Kids have activities. Dinners have to be made. Events have to be attended. Life moves fast. Take the time to relish in the moment.
Coffee. I didn’t used to drink coffee. Then I experienced the magic of coffee + chocolate + whip cream. Which reminds me, it’s 3:00…think it’s time to get caffeinated!