Feeling Resolute Going into 2021

I have always loved the start of a new year. Much like coming back from vacation or beginning after a long weekend, my mind feels clearer. More rested. Ready to conquer the world – and ready to conquer 2021.

People often ask me how we arrived at the name “Resolute.” The real story is really not that glamorous. It’s probably not the marketing magic you would assume. The name all started with my brother, a bottle of contact solution and a case of poor eyesight. But that’s a story for another day. When I finally arrived at the word, it described everything I wanted my business to be.

Resolute: marked by firm determination. Bold. Steady.  – Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Other definitions include words such as “purposeful,” “determined” and “unwavering.” And this is exactly how I felt the day I decided to start on this journey. I envisioned an organization that treated clients’ money with integrity, dug into understanding clients’ business goals and recommended strategies that moved the needle. Our work should be purposeful. I wanted to be steady in my counsel, but I never wanted to be set in my ways. I acknowledged that our industry was rapidly evolving, and we needed to be open to bold, new ideas to stay at the forefront.

While I never could have predicted the pace at which we would grow, the talent we would have at the table or the amazing clients we’d get to serve, I am proud to say I feel just as resolute today as the day this all began.

We embark on this year with a team of public relations and marketing experts who are passionate about their clients and making an impact in our community. We haven’t been able to work physically side-by-side. But we remain collaborative – open to new perspectives, playing off each other’s strengths and helping one another grow. We are problem solvers and committed to excellence in our field. We strive to be innovative and forward-thinking, ready to bring the latest marketing knowledge to our clients. And we are tenacious in our loyalty and follow through.

Words are powerful. I felt a tremendous amount of pressure when I named my company because I knew the impact it would have on our brand, culture, trajectory and the clients we would attract. I am confident when I chose Resolute, I chose the right word.

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