A year of growth and lessons learned

In January 2016, Ally and I were so excited to be adding a THIRD member to our Resolute team. Natalie filled a critical role in our services, helping us flesh out and aggressively go after work in the digital marketing realm. “Wow,” I thought. “Wouldn’t it be cool if we grew enough to where we could hire a fourth person?”

Fast forward 11 months.

We built a team…and it’s still growing
We are now 8 people strong – 18 if you include contractors who consistently contribute to our work each month. To some on the outside, it may look like we’re growing too fast. But the reality is there was a specific reason for each person who was brought onto the team. We were picky. There was nothing frantic or random about our growth, and it’s our goal to maintain that same level of control and discipline as we move into 2017.

We found a community
We moved our office to 36 Degrees North. (More on this in a previous blog article.) It started as a place where we could easily expand our team without having to worry about square footage. What it’s turned into is a community and a driver for success. We get to work alongside some truly brilliant, caring people. They connect us with resources, serve as a sounding board and believe in what we’re doing. On the days when I’m out for meetings and barely get to see my team, I know they’re in a place filled with the perfect balance of laughter, hard work and chocolate. (Thanks for that one, Glacier.)

We listened and learned
Through 36 Degrees North and other resources in the Tulsa entrepreneurial community, I found a group of mentors who I meet with regularly to learn about how they’ve grown their businesses – and done it right. It’s comforting to talk to people who have seen it all and fought their way through. They’ve maintained their cultures through decades of growth, continued to deliver incredible service to their clients, and found ways to give back to the community. There have been times I’ve wondered if there’s a magical size at which point our standards are no longer feasible. The answer is “no.” These standards are innate to Resolute, and as long as we hire people who believe in them and work with clients who value them, we will continue to be on to something we can be proud of.

We honed in on what spells success
Each person on the Resolute team brings something unique to the table, and the proof is evident in the results reported by our clients. Whether we manage a Google AdWord campaigns, pitch a customized feature story to the media, plan events or design creative materials, we measure the heck out of them and treat every dollar like it’s our own. That being said, we learned some big lessons in 2016. We made mistakes, realized not every client is a good fit and that (despite our best intentions), we can’t do everything. Our takeaway for 2017 is to be more selective on the projects we take on and the ways in which we work with our clients. If we push back on something, we’re putting your best interest at the forefront because it affects your success and ours.

Looking back, 2016 has been quite the year! It’s hard to imagine it was this time last year Ally and I were celebrating as a company of two. Everyone at Resolute is thankful for the clients we’ve had the opportunity to work with, the people who believed in us and the friends we’ve made along the way. There’s an energy in this city as we move into 2017, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

See you next year!