What is community relations?

Looking for the right people to network with, attend your Tulsa event or buy your national product? We can help. Traditional media relations sometimes doesn’t take your message far enough or within the timeframe needed to boost your bottom line. As a Tulsa PR firm with national experience, Resolute PR can help you get in front of the right audience with community relations.

When to use it:

When a business has a particular audience for a product or service, it’s important for connections to be made. When a deal or coupon is offered to someone, they have a reason to walk into your business, buy your product or attend your event.

Don’t miss out on what could potentially be a great opportunity. Resolute will help get you in front of the right groups in order to increase results.

Why it works:

Sometimes, sending out a piece of direct mail or offering a complimentary service to someone is all it takes to seal a business deal. At Resolute PR, we will help you identify a target market and find a way to connect. Once we identify a target market, our team develops strategies to make connections.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can strengthen your community relations.