What is crisis management?

Issues arise in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t take an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to ruin your company’s reputation. Also known as crisis communications, issues management is a public relations strategy that takes a proactive approach to combat the issues that challenge your brand and stake in the marketplace.

When to use it:

Maybe your organization is facing public scrutiny, an unexpected catastrophe tainted your event or employee actions negatively impacted your company’s reputation. Left unattended, these issues can wreak havoc on your ability to reach your goals.

Why it works:

Gone are the days of traditional, canned press releases. Today’s media are fiercely competitive, and they need the scoop – served in a flavor that speaks directly to their audience. Public relations campaigns don’t have to revolve around hard-nosed, breaking news. Some of the best stories shed light on the untold trends within your industry.

Sweeping issues under the rug only exacerbates the problem. A proactive public relations approach through issues management shows people you are listening, you’re aware of the issues at hand and you care about more than your own agenda. The public is more vigilant than ever. They want to feel good about the companies, causes, and people they choose to support. Take a “glass half empty” look at your business to identify what crises might come your way, such as restaurant closings, health inspection failures, and security breaches, and take the necessary steps to ensure your brand message stays within your control.

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