What is media relations?

Also referred to as earned media or publicity, media relations is a public relations strategy that aims to generate organic (unpaid) news coverage. To be successful, Tulsa PR firms must nurture ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships with the media and provide them with newsworthy stories.

When to use it:

Every company should have public relations and media relations strategies, regardless of size. You are an expert in your industry, and you have a story to tell. Our Tulsa PR firm, Resolute PR, often recommends proactive media relations plans to ensure our clients make the most of opportunities to build brand awareness.

Media relations can be effective on a smaller scale as well. Perhaps you are introducing a new product to the market, announcing a change in services or trying to drive attendance to an event. Media relations puts you in the position to be an authority on the public relations initiatives you undertake.

Why it works:

Gone are the days of traditional, canned press releases. Today’s media are fiercely competitive, and they need the scoop – served in a flavor that speaks directly to their audience. Public relations campaigns don’t have to revolve around hard-nosed, breaking news. Some of the best stories shed light on the untold trends within your industry.

But perhaps the biggest reason media relations works is because these stories have legs – meaning your organic reach is extended. News outlets share stories on social media, reaching new audiences who may have never known you. Online stories often link to your website and increase your search engine rankings, and trade publications might get you in front of that next big client who didn’t know they needed your services. Stories written by third parties have added credibility, and therefore carry more weight than traditional advertising. Suddenly, you’ve created a platform to build awareness of your product, service or mission.

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