What is brand development?

An organization’s brand doesn’t stop at a crafty new logo. Branding goes much further describing the culture, environment and mission of your organization. This is shown visually through a logo that produces colors, fonts and an overall look for all company collateral.

When to use it:

Everywhere. Any time you are going to a trade show, sending out a company newsletter or meeting with a potential client, your brand should be present. Resolute is more than a Tulsa PR firm. Because we understand the messaging and research involved in branding an organization, our clients are given a list of brand standards complete with acceptable fonts, keywords, colors and other guidelines to ensure consistent usage of elements moving forward.

Why it works:

When someone brings in a gym bag with a swoosh, everyone knows it’s a Nike bag. This is how branding works. It focuses on a voice, logo, color scheme and message to help the community quickly identify your company.

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