What is direct mail?

Between Facebook, email, iMessaging and instant messenger software, we often forget about traditional snail mail. However, this has made direct mail marketing surprisingly effective because most junk mail comes in a digital format, filling your spam folder.

Direct mail is a post card, flyer, box or any mailed piece that talks about your product or service and typically contains some sort of offer. When offering a free service or class, the recipient is more likely to connect with your company.

When to use it:

Do you have a big promotion or event coming up? Or maybe you are a new business to the neighborhood? There are various reasons to use direct mail. Resolute PR can narrow down homes, neighborhoods or businesses to a chosen target market and craft appropriate messaging for a compelling direct mail piece.

Also, don’t underestimate the look and feel of the piece. You only get one shot to gain the recipient’s attention, so working with a Tulsa graphic designer who can make your messaging and brand come to life is crucial. This is not the time test out your design skills.

Why it works:

The days of getting an overload of junk mail are behind us, and now our inboxes are full of magazine subscriptions, department store sales and the occasional spammer. This means the physical mail you receive gets more attention. Isn’t it exciting to get a coupon for a free appetizer to the restaurant that opened by your house? Most likely, your future customers want this from you. By creating an eye-catching direct mail piece using quality graphics with an offer that cannot be refused, direct mail is an effective marketing tactic.