Brochure Design

What is a brochure?

Brochures are printed pieces educating your target audience about products, services or key messages. They can range anywhere from a single-fold piece to multiple-page booklets with high-quality photographs.

When to use it:

Do you have a unique service that you want to tell an audience about? Or maybe a product to showcase at a tradeshow? Sometimes it’s easier to have a takeaway that describes your company, product and service. Brochures can be an effective tool to reinforce key messages during networking, conferences, tradeshows, sales pitches or even to be handed out after a meeting.

Why it works:

During an elevator pitch, it’s impossible to recall every detail about your product, service and company. A graphic designer can help you develop an attractive marketing piece that helps extend the timeline of your initial introduction.

Not only will a brochure give your potential client additional information about you and your service, but it will also further define the benefits of what you have to offer. With our email inboxes constantly flooding with information, it’s more likely for someone to place your brochure on their desk and review it multiple times.