What is event planning?

Event promotion takes your event beyond logistics and focuses on getting people there. There are two types of event promotion. First is getting the word out, which can be done through social media marketing and Tulsa advertising campaigns. The second part of event promotion is general awareness around your cause, which can be achieved through social media marketing and media relations campaigns.

So whether you want a full house or to tell the community about your cause, we are here to help.

When to use it:

Event promotion is crucial to having a successful event. By creating a Tulsa advertising and social media marketing campaign prior to the big day, you will reach an audience of potential attendees, donors or event contributors. However, promotion doesn’t end when the event comes to a close. It’s important to get the word out about your cause in the process. Media relations, or publicity, is a good tool to help gain additional leverage during and after an event.

Why it works:

The main goal with events is often to either to fill a room or to raise awareness. We want to help you do both. By integrating different marketing strategies like social media marketing, advertising and media relations, you are sure to make a splash in the community. We don’t live in a world where everyone watches the nightly news, reads the paper or is constantly tuned in to social media. You must take an integrated approach to reach your various target audiences.

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