What is event theme creation?

No event is complete without a solid theme – and we’re not talking about your senior prom’s “Under the Sea” theme. An appropriate theme should be audience-specific and effectively integrated throughout the event to support the goals you’re aiming for.

When to use it:

Whether you’re planning a fundraiser, black tie or athletic event, it’s important to design a theme, complete with color palette and brand. The theme is used to tie all pieces of the event together from the invitation to the decorations and presentation.

Why it works:

A theme makes your entire event look uniform while engaging your attendees in the true meaning of the event. This should be one of the very first steps when organizing an event. Our design team can take that theme and transform it into visually appealing marketing materials as well as decorations at the event. The theme is something that will always be remembered when attendees reminisce about your event, so make it the best it can be.