What is advertising?

Advertising is a paid placement of your message. This can be done through a variety of media including television, radio, billboard and online avenues. Unlike media relations, advertising placement gives you control of the design and message allowing you to say exactly what you want.

When to use it:

As a Tulsa advertising agency, we often recommend advertising in situations where clients need to control the timing and the exact wording of their messages. This typically is true for the retail industry, which often has a hard sell, or events, which need a larger window of visibility to gain attendance. Required budgets vary depending on the outlet and campaign you hope to execute, starting as low as a few hundred dollars per month.

Buying advertising can be overwhelming. Note that working with a Tulsa advertising agency allows you to expand your buying power while tapping into our knowledge of the media market, ratings and changes. Most media outlets provide an agency discount, meaning engaging a Tulsa advertising agency is no additional cost to you.

Why it works:

There is a science behind placing advertising. You must purchase the right media outlets, times, sizes and duration and couple this thoughtful buying strategy with engaging creative. Add a measurable call to action, and you will be able to track the results of the dollars you spend.

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