What is brand positioning?

What do your customers think about your company? What would they say you stand for? Why should they believe in you? What sets you apart from your competitors?

These are the questions that are answered by brand positioning. This process provides a thoughtful approach to defining who you are as a company and results in a roadmap for messaging, graphic design, marketing and even employee training.

When to use it:

Resolute has worked on numerous Tulsa branding projects, but to get an effective logo, it always starts with brand positioning. Maybe you’re in the process of changing your company’s name or you’re ready to take your company to the next level. Maybe you’re celebrating an anniversary and are ready to unveil a new look. Or maybe your services are changing significantly and you’re ready to hit the reset button. No matter the driver, brand positioning is a service that lays the groundwork for numerous marketing initiatives for years to come so you stay consistent and relevant.

Why it works:

Brand positioning is not something that should change frequently. When properly executed, brand positioning doesn’t change who you are as a company. It defines it. Changes in services or areas of focus may cause your company to pivot, but they shouldn’t change the core of who you are as an organization.

Brand positioning provides a one-stop, consistent message that everyone can refer to  – from employees at various locations to graphic designers and marketers.

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