What is logo design?

Not to be overwhelming, but a logo should define your entire organization in one simple graphic. First impressions are everything, and a logo is the face of your company. It’s THAT important to make sure you get it right.

As part of the branding process, a logo will be methodically thought out and paired with colors that match your company’s personality.

When to use it:

A logo is a necessary means of identity that you will use often, from your website to sales materials to sponsorship opportunities. When creating your logo, a good designer will ensure the logo is flexible enough to fit on everything from a billboard to the side of a pencil without getting distorted and losing readability.

However, many logos fall short when it comes to truly reflecting the brand of a company. Your logo may look snazzy, but what does it say about you? Dated, edgy, slick, aggressive and cheap are all takeaways that may not be at the core of your business. Be sure to work with a branding expert who can take “good design” to the next level.

Why it works:

Logos go hand in hand with brand recognition. In perhaps one of the most classic examples, look at the swoosh on your office mate’s shoes. Without even having to ask, you know he is wearing a pair of Nike’s. Your logo should resonate with your market so when they see your product or service, positive things come to mind.