Healthy lifestyle, happy workplace

Nicole, the head Resolute Wrangler, has made it a priority to foster a company culture that is hard-working but equally a fun and a healthy place to work. Like many jobs, agency life can be demanding and hectic at times. Paying attention to our physical health is important for us to be on our A game.

It’s easy to put your own health at the bottom of the to-do list when you’re busy. But studies show that a healthy employee is more productive. I’ve written about this topic before for and won’t use this post to lecture about the many benefits of why encouraging a healthy lifestyle is good for the workplace. There are plenty of websites that are in the business of educating you on that subject. Instead, I’ll tell you that fostering health and fitness in our own work environment has positively impacted on our own Resolute team and company culture. Here are 5 ways Resolute incorporates health and fitness into our workplace.

Spin and Yoga at StudioPop

If you’ve ever been to New York City or Los Angeles, it would be hard to miss the buzz or marketing messages of SoulCycle, which creates a “party-like” atmosphere on indoor spin bikes. It’s very popular and I’m proud to say there is only ONE place like this in Tulsa – and that’s StudioPop. Resolute is lucky to have this amazing facility close to our office, directly across from Driller’s Stadium in downtown Tulsa. Our team has incorporated spin and yoga into our early morning or after work routine. We often go with one or two from our team, and on occasion, we’ve all gone together. That’s saying something when we’re able to coordinate 8 early morning or after work schedules!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a coworker say how glad they were that they were either going to or just completed a StudioPop class. It really does help kick up the endorphins, get the creativity flowing and reduce stress. StudioPop even has showers and hairdryers as part of their amenities, so we can quickly get ready for work and head down the street to our office. All of us Resoluters would agree that having this gym in our lives is a huge workplace perk.

Walking Meetings

Have you ever had one of those days where you were so tired that your brain decided it was okay to take a nap while your eyes stayed open while a coworker was talking to you? So have we! We try to take walking meetings when we meet internally. It helps keep your mind alert and usually cuts down on meeting time. Plus, we recently conducted research for our client, PowerPlay, and found that sedentary work is the root of undue stress on the neck and back. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using a standing desk! If you’re interested in reading more about that, you can read their blog post, “How to Relieve Pain from Standing Desks or All-Day Sitting.”

Knowing Our Strengths

Knowing each other’s strengths perhaps isn’t physical health, but it’s certainly a mental/emotional one. Nicole arranged for the Resolute team to have several sessions with StrengthsFinder coach Adam Seaman, founder of Talents2Strength.

Adam started by administering the StrengthsFinder test where we each learned our top five strengths. (I’m all purple for those who have ever taken this test before and are wondering). Adam then walked us through these strengths as a team and educated us on what that meant for us working together going forward. This helped us determine client/team member fit how and better delegate tasks to various Resoluters. If you’re a client of ours and have ever wondered why one of us jumped in on your account to work on something…now you know why!

The Little Medicine Cabinet

The first day one of our team members came down with a cold, our brilliant office manager, Kristi, showed up with a ceramic bowl filled with Vitamin C packets, ibuprofen, tea, cough drops, aspirin, tums and hand sanitizer. This simple office accessory is used all the time! We’ve added some more staples over the months (ahem, chocolate), but it’s a lifesaver and such an easy thing to offer in the workplace.

Work Hard, Play Hard

And then there is good old-fashioned having fun at work. A 2015 study showed that happy employees truly are more productive. When you like what you do, you try harder. We work really hard here at Resolute, but we have fun while doing it. We truly believe it has a positive impact on our health.




We hope this post will help give you some ideas on how to encourage a healthy lifestyle in your workplace. If you have other suggestions or ideas for us on what we could be doing, don’t be shy to share!