Falling in love with public relations—all over again

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

Lattes have changed from vanilla to pumpkin, and the leaves are starting to morph into fiery reds and glittering golds. The cool air delivers a fresh mindset as we embark into the snug season of autumn.

For those of us at Resolute, the mindset of starting a new season could not be more real. As the long, hot days of Tulsa summer began to wind down, we opened a new chapter. Our team has started a new journey with the ambition of redefining public relations.

This new definition excludes short term PR campaigns. Forget the concept of public relations as a one-time push for earned media.

We see public relations as a deeply-rooted connection between company, community and clients. We believe in forging strong statements that will spark compared to competitors, and draw attention from the general public.

Our “campaigns” begin as a well-devised plan to start conversations on the internet, in the media and through word-of-mouth. They’re not only quickly distributing a single message, but emotionally pulling in a captivated audience to stand behind and support your efforts. The Resolute team will create a cornucopia of fresh ideas specific to your goals.

Because of the increased importance of integrating technology in day-to-day life, public relations services typically do not stand alone. We encourage clients to branch out into other service areas such as advertising, marketing and event planning. By integrating different service areas, our clients are able to harvest positive results.

Resolute PR may be starting a new season, but we are industry veterans wanting to make a positive change in the industry. We want to support you and ask you to support us during this season of change.

Happy fall ya’ll!