Entering the PR world

For over a week, Nicole’s cousin Kristel and her friend Miranda came to the Resolute office from the Netherlands to see the inner workings of a small business in America. During their visit, the dynamic duo experienced breaking news at a local TV station, toured a major radio network, learned about free educational opportunities that Tulsa Tech has to offer, and lived the fast-paced environment that is a PR firm. The entire Resolute staff had so much fun playing host for a week! We hope you enjoy reading about their experience in the States.

-Ally Lightle

Entering the PR World

By Kristel Buurmans & Miranda Pauw

A school project requiring that we leave our home in the Netherlands to travel to the U.S.A. to shadow a company? Some students could only dream of that kind of opportunity, but thanks to Resolute PR we actually had this chance. They gave us a place to complete our school project, and also arranged various activities for us. That’s why we would like to share a bit of our experience.

It started at school in the Netherlands, where we were assigned a task that involved individuality and language. Using our contacts, we had to find a company that would allow us to help out or observe their work for one week. In our case, one of us has a family member who works at Resolute PR in Tulsa, OK who agreed to let us to visit.

After flying over 12 hours, we arrived in Tulsa at a co-working space called 36 Degrees North. At first we were a little uncomfortable, as a new place always brings some anxiety. But, this anxiety didn’t last. Over the course of several days, we quickly felt very welcome there. The people were very nice, always asking how we were doing or if we needed anything. This was very pleasant, helping us feel at ease.

We were also amazed at the variety of activities Resolute planned for us. For example, we tagged along to meetings, had a tour in a bicycle shop (Wabi Cycles), went on a little expedition to a news station and talked about higher education with an expert. We also attended several seminars that taught us about topics like social media. Surely not many of our fellow peers could say the same about their own trips. It was amazing to see all these different types of work environments and learn from them.

Lastly, it was very interesting to observe the PR world itself. It was always busy. Everyone is constantly making phone calls, answering emails or designing ads. It truly showed us how diverse the work in a PR company can be. One moment you’re helping a company improve their website, and the next you’re creating a logo that fits a company’s image. The staff works hard, with a lot of dedication and thought, to help their customers achieve the ultimate result. This was made clear through conversations we overheard. The staff tries really hard to get the best result for their clients, which made us really happy.

Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at Resolute PR. We had a nice time and felt like we were welcomed. The staff was polite and took good care of us. Next to that, we learned a lot. We went to many cool places, all of which gave us new information about topics we might not have been too familiar with before. And just in general, it was enjoyable to witness what happens within a PR business. It is something you might never realize in everyday life, but it is quite a task for companies to create successful advertising.