Don’t be a lazy llama

It’s officially summer in Oklahoma, which means it’s hot, you’re tired and, most likely, in desperate need of some time off. Your main goal is to get through the work day so you can go home and light up the grill or take the kids fishing.

During this time, it’s easy to get less excited about work thus producing mediocre products. The springtime “busy” energy gets lost and is replaced by the mood of cranking out a to-do list. As much as we hate to admit it, the lull is something everyone experiences. However, a simple way to get out of it is by marketing yourself.

Entrepreneurial Events

Need to get fired up this summer? Attend a Cultivate 918 or 1 Million Cups meeting and listen to successful small business owners talk about successes, failures and lessons learned. This is a good time to get in front of a new audience to discuss your product or service. Who knows? Maybe one day you will be asked to speak at the next event. So get your business cards printed, and come with a networking attitude.

Professional Organizations

One way to step it up professionally is by going to happy hour with some peers. Actively look for people who are a little more together, harder working and smarter than you. By attending professional organization meetings, you not only learn about industry trends, but also spark a fire to better yourself and your company. Oklahoma is home to a variety of industry’s professional organizations to ensure your skills are staying sharp.

Fellowship Opportunities

Downtime can make you feel less motivated, less tenacious and overall lazy. The best cure? Make yourself busier. Seriously – adding on a side project such as a Mine Fellowship will help you manage your time better while teaching your priceless business skills. This social entrepreneurship organization will get you more excited about your passions while teaching life lessons to take back to the office. However, this type of professional development opportunity requires an application. So polish up the resume and call in a favor for a letter of recommendation.

Chamber Events

We are fortune to have a great selection of chambers of commerce with very active schedules of events. If you’re passionate about policy, check out the Oklahoma State Chamber or the Tulsa Regional Chamber to find out where you can get plugged in. If you’re looking to be seen, attend any of the local chamber luncheons and networking events. Chambers of commerce have come a long way in providing a variety of events that resonate from small to Fortune 500 businesses. Not only will you pick up new skills, but they’re also a great avenue to find new business. Be sure to have sales materials on hand before attending a breakfast networking or roundtable event so you can follow up with prospects after the meeting.

Trade Shows

Sometimes it just takes the prospect of new business to get you excited about your daily work. Attend an industry trade show and try to make new connections. Even a few days away from the office can give you the energy to return and crank out quality work. To get the most out of your booth, use eye-catching marketing materials such as sales pieces, banner stands and giveaways to draw attendees in.


Finally, nothing is more inspiring than listening to another expert from your field talk about ways to improve your craft. Take a day to relax, listen and learn the ticks of the trade. The only marketing material needed for this type of event is a business card and notepad.