15 easy marketing “resolute-tions” for 2015

Stereotypical? Yes. But there’s something about starting the year fresh that creates a natural time for reflection on how to improve ourselves, our jobs and our businesses. At Resolute, we get particularly excited about January and the opportunity to create “Resolute-tions!” If any of your 2015 goals include PR or marketing, we thought we’d offer a few tips.

Here are 15 easy ways you can step up your PR and marketing game in 2015:

  1. Evaluate your current efforts. What moved the needle in 2014? Which efforts might be worth reevaluating?
  1. Try something new. Curious about SEO, social media marketing, content marketing or some other new-fangled marketing jargon you’ve heard about? Now’s a great time to explore and decide if any of it makes sense for your organization.
  1. Toot your own horn. Take stock of what you did really well in 2014 and own it. Vow to take better advantage of those public relations opportunities in 2015. (More on this in our next issue.)
  1. Talk to your staff. What fresh ideas do they have for the new year? What marketing materials would help them be more effective?
  1. Revisit your website. Websites should be updated frequently and are typically due for an overhaul every 3-5 years. What could be added or changed to convert more traffic into leads?
  1. Get serious about your social media. Which channels really make sense for your business? Do you have a plan of attack to keep them updated and engaged with followers?
  1. Land a news story. What’s the trend in your industry? What are you doing that’s unique? What problem are you solving? This is the stuff news is made of, and it’s what gets our media relations juices flowing.
  1. Hone in on your target audience. Maybe your product or service applies to everyone, but let’s dig deeper. What are the common denominators, those elements that seem to tie your customers together?
  1. Get out of the office. As the year marches on, we get busier and busier, and finding time away from our desks (and those billable hours) gets harder and harder. Commit to at least one event, lunch, professional organization meeting, SOMETHING per month to stay in front of people.
  1. Reconsider advertising opportunities. Maybe you feel like you’ve already run down that path, but the media market changed considerably in 2014. Trust us, it’s worth taking another look.
  1. Be thoughtful about your brand. Who are you as a company? What makes you different? Why should someone hire you over a competitor?
  1. Stay in front of your clients and potential clients. Consider a newsletter. Drop off some donuts. Host a client appreciation event. Let those who are making your 2015 successful know that you care.
  1. Start a blog. You’re an expert in your field. Share that knowledge with others by creating content that gains their trust and respect.
  1. Go wild on LinkedIn. Connect with current and potential clients. Promote yourself and your experience through your profile. Share your blogs through status updates.
  1. Be SMART. As with setting any goals, remember to keep them specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

We hope you had a Happy New Year, and may all your “Resolute-tions” come true!